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The Symbol of Presidential Power 2010
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The symbol of presidential power,

The SIGN of President of the KR

The symbol of presidential powerThe sign of Presidential power of the Kyrgyz Republic consists of the sign and a chain of the sign.

The sign of gold consists of two elements - the ancient ornamental motif - Blessed Umai Ene - one of the most revered deities of ancient Kyrgyz people, her symbolic images in the form of soaring birds are found in the petroglyphs in the arts and crafts.

The royal, cosmogonic couple: sky - Tengri and the Earth-Umai produce life and victory, but the birth and the wisdom of the sons of men is responsible by Umai Ene. Associated with the Earth, she and Heavenly Maiden - soars above the universe, making the sign of the fantastic wing-hands.
Patroness of soldiers and newborns, the giver of life, a symbol of fertility - Umai Ene, has become a mother of all things in this world, that is why sacred image of the goddess Umai so revered nowadays.

Unique by the cut and quality citrine (weighing 105.2 carats, 35.5 mm in diameter) which symbolizes wholeness, indivisibility and diversity of all peoples living in Kyrgyzstan, imbedding into a gold frame, decorated with ornaments of palladium.

Chain of the Symbol consists of repeated elements, some of which, in the form of tunduk made of gold, 750/0. Another part of the elements in the form of a symmetrical eight-pointed gold star with a large jewel in the center of it, symbolizes the administration of education in Kyrgyzstan. You can see an intermediate elements are made of gold, up to 20 mm in the chain.

On the reverse side of the golden plate there is a first name and last name of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and the time of his entry into commission.

Victor A. Syrnev

Artist - Jeweller

Member of the International Association of jewelry
Honored Worker of Culture of KR




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