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Victor A. Syrnev. Jewelry art, objects
P.O.Box 304
720051 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel\ Fax: +996 (312) 43 85 86
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The Maestro from Kyrgyzstan. "Syrnev is sincerely convinced that an artist should have an arsenal of creative techniques, that is, have knowledge of his materials in a measure which permits him to make his own, perhaps modest, technological innovations. Look at Victor’s work: the metal now shines, trembles, and vibrates with life. It plays the role of a severe artifice and an airy inspiration. Now it absorbs the light; now it reflects it. Of course such freedom in transformation of one’s material is possible only by profound knowledge of its possibilities.

Syrnev’s creations presuppose not only love and empathy, but also a sharing of knowledge and feeling, a joy of mutual urgency, a shared secret dedicated to knowledge itself. Victor knows a great deal about symbols, signs, numbers, precepts of the traditional masters and creators of jewelry and amulets. But he is not less knowledgeable about contemporary methods of appreciation of form and color. For Victor there opens a whole domain of communication with the viewer on the basis of artistic intuition and psychological perception".
Ada Safarova / Moscow

Виктор Сырнев

1942 - Born in Ekaterinburg, Russia

1956-59 - Studies in artistic school, Ekaterinburg (Master German A. Zarovnyatnyh), graduated with a certificate of a jeweler

- Worked in “Russian Samotsvety,” Ekaterinburg

1964 - daughter was born - Elena

1965 - Awarded the title "Master of Sports" in weightlifting

1966 Moved to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,
- Participation in the USSR Championship in Ashgabat. Set of three records

1969 - Two second prizes of the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Culture

1970 - Initiated an independent artistic work

1974 - Member of the USSR’s Union of Artists
- son was born - Maxim
- Bronze Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR, Moscow.

1975-1995 - Chairman of the decorative art section of the Kyrgyzstan Union of Artists

1976 - Prize of the USSR Ministry of Culture

1980 - Diploma of the International Exhibition of jewelery. Jablonec. Czech Republic
- Publication of the book "The Soviet artists - jewelers." Author Iliin M.A.

1985 - first saw the archaeological collection gathered by my grandfather Ivan Petrovich Tovostin.
Stored in the Hermitage.

1986 - The Quadrennial Prize for Applied Arts. Erfurt. Germany

1987 - Honorary Diploma of Council of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan

1988 - Publication of the monograph "Modern decorative art of the republics of Central Asia" A. Hakimova. Tashkent. Uzbekistan
- Special Prize of the “ Tallinn 88”, Fashion Festival Estonia

1989 - Grand Prix - in Asia. Ashgabat. Turkmenistan
- Participation in the International exhibition "Ornamenta 1", Pforzheim
- Visit the art-shops of Hermann Jünger, Friedrich Becker, Peter Skubika, William Mattar
- An "Daedalus and Icarus. Creation of Flight" acquired by Carl von Württemberg Duke
- 3 art-works acquired by Shmukmuzeum, Pforzheim, Germany
- grandson was born - Igor

1990 Prize of the USSR Union of Artists

- grandson was born - Andrey

1992 - Silver Medal of the USSR Academy of Arts
for decorative plastic "Myths" \ 4 subjects \ and a collection of jewelery
"Creation of Flight" / 12 items

1993 - Awarded the title "Honored Worker of Culture of the KR"
"Week of Kyrgyzstan" in Alta Foyervahe, Cologne. Organizer - Theresa Schroeder

1995 - Member of the Association ”Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst”, Germany
- Create a collection "Palmistry"
- Fountain "Еру Rain on the reverse side of the Earth." Size: H: 185 cm, L: 120 cm.

1996 - Exhibition in Goldshmidehaus, Hanau, Germany.
Three works purchased by the collection of Goldshmidehaus

1998 - The first exhibition in the framework of the "West-East dialogues, Great
Silk Road" + Fisher and + G. Seibert Philippen, KNMII. Bishkek

2000 - The first joint exhibition with Ryuseki Morimoto
- Create a collection of "West-Eastern Divan"
- International exhibition "Jewelry in painting", Mobilia Gallery, USA

2003 - Honorary Prize of  the "Art of the Silk Way Art" the exhibition
- Raiffeisen - Volksbank (Miltenber, Germany) has acquired the object for the interior

2005 - By the commission of the AUB has completed 4 objects
- Exhibition: "West-East Dialogue" in the Cathedral of St. Sophia, Istanbul
- Grandson was born - Artem

2007 - The exhibition "The Silk Road - Dialogues" at the Gallery Keyhan Mariguchi - Osaka
with Ryuseki Morimoto, Yuristanbek Shigaev and Michael Zobel

2008 - International exhibition "Jewels of the 21st century," Patina Gallery, Santa Fe, USA
Invitation to the Art Fair SOFA, Chicago, USA

2010 - Creating of the Sign of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic for R. Otunbayeva

2011 - Scholarship of "Villa Valdberta." Munich, Germany
- Awarded the title "People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic"
- Creating a Symbol of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic for the A. Atambaev

Works in the Permanent Collections:

The “Moscow Kremlin,” Museum, Moscow
 “Tsarizino» museum of decorative arts, Moscow
Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim, Germany
Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Art, Bishkek
Kyrgyz State Historical Museum, Bishkek
Goldsmith’s Hause, Hanau, Germany
Municipal Museum, Kecskemet, Hungary
Municipal Museum, Magnitiogorsk, Russia
Raiffeisen – Volksbank Miltenberg, Germany
AsiaUniversalBank, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

The participant of more than 130 international personal and collective exhibitions including “Ornamenta I” (Germany), “Art of Rings” (USA), «Decorations in Paintings» (USA), Baselworld 06 (Swiss)

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Como, Italy


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